Eggs-ellent Results from Chicken Micro-Enterprise Project in Vietnam

Years ago Global Care built a poultry facility to improve the food budget for the residents at a Social Support Centre in Danang, where 174 residents live.  The majority of the residents residing at this centre are elderly or physically or intellectually disabled. Early this month, Paul and Deborah Hilton with their team and Peter Pilt, visited the poultry facility and the piggery that had been set up in prior years.  Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances the poultry facility was in much need of new life.  Due to the generosity of  donors and volunteers, Global Care was able to provide that much needed life for the facility.  Later that night, the caretakers of the poultry facility were extremely pleased to have the facility filled with  250 chickens given to them by Global Care.  The chickens seemed to be just as if not more excited to be re-homed.  By the very next morning,  170 eggs had already been laid!  Clearly an eggs-ellent result from Global Care’s chicken micro-enterprise project in Vietnam.  An eggsciting future ahead for all!

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