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Eggs-ellent Results from Chicken Micro-Enterprise Project in Vietnam

Years ago Global Care built a poultry facility to improve the food budget for the residents at a Social Support Centre in Danang, where 174 residents live.  The majority of the residents residing at this centre are elderly or physically or intellectually disabled. Early this month, Paul and Deborah Hilton with their team and Peter […]

Mates Helping Mates Swim: Children in for a Splashin’ Good Time!

Shockingly, 32 children every day drown in Vietnam.  Sadly, drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children over the age of one in Vietnam. This silent epidemic has been the result of children just not been given the opportunity to learn basic water safety techniques.  Fortunately, these deaths can be prevented and […]

Micro enterprises flourish in Vietnam: We kid you not!

This month, Peter Pilt joined Paul and Deborah Hilton and the team in Vietnam to give families a hand up through micro enterprising.  Giving goats to families is part of the Global Care micro enterprise projects  in Da Nang, Vietnam.  A couple of years ago, some families received goats from Global Care.  This year, Global Care […]