Support the Charity Mobile Plan

Charity Mobile is a product of Network Communications, one of Australia’s largest Optus approved resellers. It’s unlike anything you’ve probably seen in the mobile phone world. It’s a mobile plan to make a difference.

Network Communications really didn’t want to create just another charity asking everyday people to give more out of their already generous contributions. Instead they wanted to be able to sustainably and consistently fund charities already on the front line doing amazing work.

So they combined their existing relationship with Optus, and took the mobile phone that was in our hand to create Charity Mobile. Together, they’ve turned a product we all use and need everyday, into a took for good. A product that doesn’t take more, but gives more.

How does the CMP work?

  1. Sign up or renew your existing Optus plan with Network Communications. Visit for more information and a store locator.
  2. Select Global Care as your preferred charity.
  3. Network Communications will then donate 5% of your monthly mobile bill to Global Care. This doesn’t cost you a cent, but collectively makes a huge difference for Global Care and the people we help.

* The Charity Mobile Plan is only available through Network Communications. You must connect to a valid Optus Post Paid plan to be eligible to connect to the CMP. Optus wireless broadband is excluded.