Disaster Relief

Australia is prone to natural disasters

The extent of the damage caused by natural disasters depends on the type of disaster, intensity of the event, the structural integrity of existing infrastructure, preparedness of communities, and the support available after the disaster. In Australia, the most common natural disasters include bushfires, floods, cyclones, droughts, and heatwaves.

Global Care Helps Those

Affected By
Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters are inevitable and somewhat predictable. We prepare for disasters by:

  • Monitoring weather patterns.
  • Ensuring our disaster response units are full of gum boots, shovels, high-pressure cleaners, hoses, and equipment.
  • Training disaster response volunteers.
  • Educating school groups about natural disasters.

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In a disaster zone, Global Care volunteers are considered “second responders”. Following on after the emergency services, our tasks generally involve:

  • Clearing debris from homes, businesses, and farms.
  • Cooking meals for affected residents and volunteers.
  • Washing clothes.
  • High-pressure washing and deep cleaning.
  • Delivery of water.
  • Support for livestock and farmlands.
  • Distributing food and fuel vouchers.
  • Offering pastoral care.



Typically, communities take 5+ years to fully recover from a disaster. As a locally led mission, local Global Care operations are able to stay on the ground and offer long-term support for affected communities.

During the recovery phase, the needs of a community change. Some of the ways we can support a community to recover include:

  • Rebuilding homes and businesses.
  • Hosting community gatherings and events.
  • Referring residents to the appropriate services.
  • Purchasing and distributing white goods and furniture.


Rick Taree

Rick is an elderly gentleman living on a large property just outside of Taree, NSW. In January 2020, a tornado came through his property and completely destroyed his home. Once Global Care volunteers caught wind of the disaster, they immediately responded to help Rick get back on his feet.

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