Global Care is gaining momentum within Australia and around the world, thanks to the generosity of our incredible donors. In order to impact even more lives for good, we need to intentionally sow into areas of need, both now and into the future.

To help us do this, we have launched the Global Care Seeds for Needs regular giving program, and are seeking a small, but significant, weekly donation of $10 from 100 donors for one year which will be invested into the five critical projects described below.

To set up your Seeds for Needs weekly donation by direct deposit, please create a regular payment with your banking provider and transfer the funds to:

Global Care
BSB: 704 024
A/C Number: 100 00 157
Reference: Seeds Project

  • A fully-equipped Disaster Response Trailer in North Queensland to help those who are regularly affected by natural disaster in that region
  • Expansion of the micro-enterprise program, including $3,000 for another Goat bank in Vietnam
  • A BBQ Trailer to be used in the Bundaberg region to assist during disaster response and community-related events
  • Global Care Resource Packs for ten local Global Care Operations who need a boost so that they can do more to help people in their community
  • Increased National Others Week acts of kindness throughout Australia, and the Christmas Kindness Project to help families who are facing hardship.
  • Your Seeds for Needs donation will help us to grow more kindness and hope where it’s needed most. Thank you!