Global Care cares for people experiencing everyday hardship

Hardship can be felt in a person’s life in a number of ways and for a range of reasons.

The loss of a job or change in circumstances may mean a parent struggles to pay their bills, and put food on the table; An accident or illness may result in a person suddenly losing their mobility or independence; A breakdown in domestic relationships may result in loneliness, abuse or homelessness.

Every week across Australia Global Care volunteers don their blue t-shirts and head out with a heart to help those facing hardship.

A local Global Care Operation is always connected to an INC Church, drawing on congregational volunteers to run the programs that fill the needs of their local community.

Some of the many activities undertaken by local Global Care operations include:

  • Besor Home that cares for homeless, pregnant teenage girls on the Gold Coast
  • School Feeding Programs that provide children with breakfast, when they arrive to school hungry
  • Low-Cost Grocery Stores that provide innexpenive groceries and resources to families in need
  • Mobile BBQ Trailers that feed locals and volunteers in times of need
  • Meal Programs that feed hundreds of disabled, elderly or mentally ill people every week
  • Helping Hands programs that offer gardening and domestic help for people who are house-bound, or immobile
  • Mental Health programs that assist clients to reintegrate into the community.

If you would like to volunteer in a Local Global Care Operation, or are interested in starting one through your INC church, please head to the Get Involved page and contact us, we would love to hear from you.

If you are able to donate to the disaster relief work of Global Care by making a tax deductible donation, please click here

Currently operating in 93 locations, please click here for a list of Australian Local Global Care Operations and contact details.