Peter Pilt

National Director of Global Care

I am passionate disciple of Jesus Christ, sold out for His cause and loving the local church. I am a Justice Advocate and deeply concerned about the mistreatment of women and girls around the world.

After 15 years of being the Senior Pastor of Nowra City Church, a great church on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, I recently resigned to pursue Justice in a fulltime role as the National Director of Global Care and the Missions Director of INC (International Network of Churches). I am also on the National Executive for INC and hold a position on the Christian Heritage College, Council. My heart is that my life would count as being significant in the lives of others.

I have a reputation for being a creative speaker and a controversial blogger. I have an opinion and I am happy to put that opinion out into the public space for robust debate. I am very comfortable with debate but get grieved at how quickly any disagreement around an opinion descends into name calling and personal attacks…Let’s never lose the art of dialogue…. which I fear we are.

I recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Leadership through Fuller Theological Seminary in the United States. I specialised in Poverty Eradication and Islam. Currently I am looking at the options for the next step in my studies, which will involve undertaking a Doctorate. I have a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Wollongong University, NSW with a double major in Business Management and Economics. I play the Saxophone and am an amateur photographer who has photographs published. I love travelling and meeting people from all around the world. Experiencing the richness of other cultures is one of the great joys of my life. I am passionately patriotic: I love being an Australian.

I sit on the Corporate Board of an Accountancy Firm, Clifton Accountants, providing marketing and management advice and I have an investment partnership called PGW Management Services. I also sit on the Board of Rubtratec Computers.

I have a regular radio spots on Pulse FM and the Vision FM Network. I publish 6 days a week, a Morning News Wrap that is read by several thousand people a day.

I have been married to my wife Melanie for 23 years and have two amazing daughters, Lakeisha and Laura. I believe in living life as an adventure. THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL PEOPLE!!