I am a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ, sold out for His cause and loving the local church. I am a Justice Advocate and deeply concerned about the mistreatment of women and girls around the world.

We all love a kindness story. Some ones of late that have gone viral are the New York policeman who bought and gave shoes to a homeless man, the Kentucky fast food restaurant manager who fed a disabled man who wasn’t able to feed himself and the 10,000 people who turned up to sing Christmas Carols outside the hospital where a little girl, dying of cancer, had requested that she wanted to hear people sing some carols….she died just days later.

Global Care is a kindness organisation where kindness stories happen each and every day across the nation in our 85 local Global Care operations. With over 1500 volunteers, Global Care lives out its DNA of Mates Helping Mates.

I firmly believe that what the world needs right now is more kindness. The bible says that Love is Kind. We all love the concept of Random Acts of Kindness, but what if we were involved in intentional and strategic acts of kindness. To me this is what Global Care is and does. Each week the volunteers of Global Care go into their community and intentionally provide acts of kindness. Those acts of kindness range from providing accommodation, to support services, to feeding programs and to any of the other things that Global Care does. Also post a natural disaster, Global Care shows kindness to the people who are suffering loss.

Global Care initiated National Others Week which is all about Kindness as a way of promoting that other people would get involved in the kinds of acts of kindness that Global Care volunteers do on a daily basis.

I invite you to get involved.

Ps Peter Pilt

National Director